My Thought On Awakening Your Intuition

It’s all about your intuition.

I firmly believe that the moment you step into the space of mindful living where every experience serves to expand your consciousness thus broadening your phycho-spiritual horizon.  It’s at this time that we reach for a deeper understanding regarding the subject of your own intuitive gifts.


Now I am and have always been of the opinion that human beings are all gifted with am awesome amount of unbridled spiritual gifts.  However, not all are taught to work with such gifts and so these gifts grow tired of being ignored. They become under nourished and whither away. 

However contrary to popular consensus, these withered gifts are always ours to claim when and if we choose to claim them.

Sure, getting back on this seemingly new age saddle can be a touch daughting. However It’s by taking such a brave step that our world begins to open up to us showing the vast potential inherent in us all.

Of course this comes down to timing. And not all are ready nor might they ever be. But for thoes who are, the terrain before you can get rather sticky.

Que the barage of self help gurus that posses the ultimate answer in awakening our intuitive potential. Yep, sad but true. And vulnerable people fall for it each and everyday.

Now I get it, everyone has to make a living and if your one such individual that so happens to be in the “Intuition Awakening” business, then who the fuck am I to criticize you or your motives.

But if I may put my 2 scents in without causing too much of a stir then let me at it.

Firstly, as far as I know and I’m speaking on a soul level here. There can never be a one size fits all answer to your intuitive awakening woes. Just like there can never be one universal answer that drove you to suppress these precious latent talents gifted to you by source.

The trials, tribulations and trauma that can lead an individual to lock their skills in a box and throw away the key are wild and varied and they need to be addressed ethically and with compassion before any progress can be made in such an area.


It is for this reason that I strongly believe that there can not be a only one way or one size fits all approach. It has to be tailored to the individual. It must take into account his or her heart story and seek to honor that story through opened hearted active and supported listesing.  And not a, my 5 step plan this, my meditation that, my binaural activation this or by walking a mystical Labyrinth to activate the pineal glad that.

Truth is, the process of reconnecting is hard. It requires commitment and self motivation. It is not something that can or should be rushed because we need to “feel” it. It means more when we can feel the process as apposed to being a 3rd party observer simply going through the motions at the hands of someone who is using a “this is what worked for me” method

We need to wade through the proverbial “shit” to get to the good stuff. And that good stuff I speak of will look different to each and every individual brave enough to take a commited plunge.

But oh my GODS is it worth it. It’s so very worth it.  What comes of this type of work is priceless and the changes that occur are dazzling, wild and unbelievably exciting.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Even if but a moment.

Much love

Avalon ☆


One thought on “My Thought On Awakening Your Intuition

  1. I love this post! I am a huge believer that reconnecting with and listening to our intuition is what brings us our very best life. I also agree that one size does not fit all. I am so grateful that other people have shared the processes that have worked best for them – it’s what allows me to learn a little more each day.


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