It’s a Beloved Ritual

I’m often times asked why I do what I do when it comes to the way that I treat my cards. You see, truth be told my cards are anything and everything BUT cards.


It’s a choice you see, it’s a view, it’s a solid understanding of something that is rather unapparent to other people. My cards, those many decks of Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand or fortune telling loveliness are to me…. magic.


They needn’t to be magic to you but they are a splendid magic to me. The relationship that I have with my cards is one of trust, of exploration, of knowing. It’s the type of friendship that I cultivate with each and every one of my decks that make them so rich in magic.


I can honestly say that I could not for a second imagine my days as a witch, my life as a witch without my sacred tools and that statement must extends beyond my cards to all my tools.  Each on more beautiful then the other, unique yet perfect in everyway.

Now as a pagan witch I must confess to being deeply drawn to ritual. Many of us who practice the craft are. Ritual is paramount in my practice, it keeps be balanced. I feel ill at ease if I have not engaged in ritual for a period of time. There are…. side effects.


Now when I look at ritual through both a modern and or ancient lens,  there seems to be this common misconception and that is that ritual must be almost ceremonial.

It is as though thoes who wish to practice ritual must forever be coming up with elaborate convoluted ceremonies that take weeks if not months to prepare and that must be executed in a rigid precise fashion.

This view of ritual could not be further from my personal truth. I like ritual to be simple, to be clear and to be concise. I find too much can complicate thus hindering the process and perhaps even severing  the connection I’m wishing to make with the divine.

Which is  why I choose to keep things simple.


To cleanse I use sage sometimes garden variety sometimes white sage. I’m also very partial to Paulo Santo when it has been ethically sourced. The scent of Holy Wood immediately puts my mind in the right place and helps to assist the alignment of mind, body and Spirit.


If I happen to have extra time on my hands then I don’t mind at all whipping up a very specific blend for smoking. I feel that any element of hand craft adds substantially to the process as a whole.

I make sure I have all four elements present. I find great comfort working with the cardinal elements. I have found that they add tremendously to the process and I have adored working with them all these years.

I also like silk, use it to cover my working surface. Silk is natural, beautiful, it feels luxurious  under my fingertips and it appeals to the side of me that covets  material extravagance.  Silk is  also a natural product  (to a degree) and therefore fits in well with my idea of a more natural ritual as well as ideal ritual components.


Next comes the music, this too I like to be simple. I tend to lean towards Tibetan meditation bowl music and any vibrational chakra activating sounds. I particularly enjoy sounds that activate my third eye during the process of ritual. I find listening to such sounds to be very rewarding.

If I’m cleansing and consecrating a new or used deck, then I most often then not have a particular stone to pair with each deck.


Next come the words. These are often spoken from the heart. I may at times repeat phrases that I have used in the past which still appeal to me and then again I may make something new up entirely.


I also rather like quoting poetry. I have a fondness for Keats and Whitman. So if I’m fortunate enough to find a phrase that I feel fits in well within the context of my ritual, the deck that I’m working with and what influences I wish to stir within those said deck. Then I shall reach for  the pages of poetic classics, because thats what floats my boat.

This to me is the mark of a simple ritual. It may not look simple to you personally but for me it is absolutely perfect and sublimely simple in a way that keeps me coming back time and time again.

You see, ritual should be what you like. Ritual should involve those ingredients that really call to you, that releases a song that makes you feel strong, brave, more beautiful more powerful, centered, whatever emotion you which step into really.


The natural and various facets of ritual connect us with archetypal forces that surge within us each and every day. It provides a stage for which these archetypes may be utilized. It is for this and many other reasons that I adore ritual.

As for my favorite ritual, well that would have to be a deck cleanse or full moon charging ritual.

I do love a great and elaborate ritual for a sabbath. But simple to  me is priceless and is also certain to keep me coming back for that ritual fix.


Blessings and happy ritual xo


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