The Vine Cave

I have always been the type of reader that chooses her decks based on the energies at play and environment that I am immersed in at the time of a reading. 

Now this can make for some interesting reading experiences.  Particularly when you,  like me,  enjoy taking a deck or 3 around with you whenever you go.

One such experience went a little like this…..

I was off the grid, yep… I’d set up camp in a little national park in NSW Australia. Nestled in a little forest by a gorgeous beach called Point Plomer. The surf was good, the campsite packed to the nines and the weather was pretty damn accommodating. 

With all that said, the witch in me really delighted in the Vine Cave that we so happened to camp by. It was AWESOME! A thick tumble of knotted thorny vines arching majestically over a sandy path that stood between our cosy campsite.

It was one of thoes tasty natural mumma Gaia wonders  that might have just been wasted on thoes with a muggles perspective. But for thoes with that ever aware witches heart. It was a place that screamed Akashic PowerPoint and how stoked was I to have landed right next to it.





So each and every day I was there I woukd gaze at, walk through or meditate in that gorgeous and oh so magicsl vine cave. And naturally, while the fire was being lit and the wine poured I thought “Which deck wants to come out and play?”

The Goddess answered with: Wild Unknown, Sacred Rebels and Druidcraft. And sweet goddess did each deck deliver.

I needed my messages and wisdom layered, multifaceted and patient yet to the point. None of this hard and fast bizo. I needed soulful and I got it.

First with the Wild Unknown. I haven’t worked much worth this deck.  I have found that due to the current Wild Unknown craze and the over saturation of its images.  Connecting with this deck hasn’t been easy.  Basically because I just haven’t been in the mood. It was precisely this reason that I choose this deck to being away with me. And I am veru glad I did.

I get it now,I fet the mega hype and yet still found a way through it to the soulful core of this deck.

The next deck the vine cave choose was the Sacred Rebels. Now talk about a deck that be overly talked up. I find that this deck delivers %50 of the time and I think that that is the result of it copping the uber spiritual sacred feminine hype. Personally I think this deck rocks,it can be a little fuffy but all in all it gives a solid read. So, when I gazed over at that vine cave it screamed “hit me with them bitched” so I did and it fucking rocked!


Then last but by no means least came ye old faithful…. Druidcraft.


Now there’s a solid all rounder. It is reliable too the core and detached from all that Tarot hype that can cause a frenzy. And Goddess knows I love a good hype and a good frenzy. I’ve even been known to incite a bit of both. But I digress…

So my point, if I can manage to remember it. Is that I LOVE…. really, really love the organic way in which our many decks can be urged out of their hiddy holes by the natural environment (and or features therein) around us.

Now thoes whom own or care for multiple decks might be very well aware of this. But for thoes who oftentimes questions the so called outrageous number of decks in my collection…. this one’s for you!

Blessings ~ Avalon ☆


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