The Spiritual Side Effects of a Food Cleanse

So WOW! I mean WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Who would have thought that when I made the decision to clean up my act on a physical level ie. health and NM2fitness that the side effects would be so freaking amazing!

So here’s a tiny bit of back story, I made a pack with myself to change my habits a while back. I made this pack with myself in an attempt to get my “house in order” so to speak. This decision/pack has led me down a foreign path of gyms, green smoothies, eating plans and a whole lot more.

I have completed a week +3 days and I have got to say that I feel pretty damn amazing. Now on top of this amazing feeling comes a full on sense of activation in a psycho-spiritual sense. I realize that by making such changes as I have mentioned above, that my vibration would lift. Of course it would! BUT! The level in which things have jumped/spiked/peaked is really quite remarkable. Here, let me give you a few  example.

  1. I have met a new Spirit Guide, a feminine spirit, gentle, wise and very loving. She presented herself to me a few nights ago straight after I finished doing a client reading. I connected with her again tonight on the night of the New Moon in Scorpio. She is close and vivid in her presence.
  2. Then there were the flashes and flickers during client readings where animals were/are making their presence known to me in the middle of client readings. And these magical creatures have no part in the reading per say, but they do seem to have a genuine connection to the client in some unique and oftentimes obscure way.
  3. I am seeing things in HD! Yep that right, I was always pretty damn good a really seeing through people, opportunities ect. But this is something different, I feel that in the moment, I can step back and achieve the kind of objective foresight that one is usually gifted in a more retrospective fashion. Its like I’m able to attain hindsight in the here and now.
  4. And the last is one that I never thought I would find myself saying…. The downloads! OMG! first of all, I really don’t like the term “downloads” but in this instance, I shall put that aside and focus on the crux of the matter. So yes, the downloads are coming strong and fast and they are filling my mind with quick bursts of inspirations, thoughts, displaced wisdom and new perspectives.
  5. Then just today, I go in to town to pick up my Rumi Oracle and a magical crystal catches my eye, I end up buying a piece of it because the physical response I had while held this stone in my hand was AWESOME!

The whole thing has been blowing my mind! Right now as I am typing there is all sorts of magic floating around me and NO folks before you jump to dietary conclusions, let me clear a few things up so we can all together remove them from the equations. I’m not hungry, I’m not dieting I’m eating more then ever, I’m eating clean, I’ve given up sugar and alcohol during this process and am eating a beautifully balanced diet devoid of processed anything! And I have got to tell you that if these are the side effects after just one week WHOA! look out because I may need to make a lifestyle change!

Wish me luck folks as I continue on my path of self improvement xo


2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Side Effects of a Food Cleanse

  1. I’m looking forward to read more of those side effects! =D
    I don’t know why but you are the first person I belive this. There are a lot of other people saying clean eating (like vegetarian, vegan etc) changes your spiritual awareness. I can’t say why but to me, it felt like they were trying to convince (themselves and others) that it’s just the food. You are the first person I belive that it’s really helping.
    Thank you so much!


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