Tired and in need of change

Lately I have grown tired, not just your average everyday tired but a kind of fatigue that effects the soul, in this case my soul. This feeling is foreign to me and as such troubling. As I sit to ponder, where, when and how this feeling of “tired” may have been birthed, I’m met with the terrifying but likely truth that I may just have pushed myself too far.

My body, is sacred, yet I have treated it unjustly. Pumping it with “crap” for that easy “quick fix” or “”feel good” experience, all the while compromising its health. My voice is sacred, yet I choose to stifle it when I shouldn’t. I cage the beast that dwells within my vocal cords and as a result, it rages, thrashes like a caught fish in the back of my throat. My choice is sacred, yet I make them to please others, not to honor my authentic self, I come last always putting others before myself and am left with very little by doing so. My dreams are sacred yet, I choose to assist others with their dream and hold back my own. And these “other” they do absolutely nothing with that assistance never realizing that they are taking more then just words, they are taking, time, passion and soul and that that, leaves me, without. This is not an honorable or respectful exchange. It is unhealthy and lopsided and I would be foolish to perpetuates this customs.

As I look back at these various realizations, these “hidden truths” I am forced to come to the conclusion that I have not honored myself of late and this simple truth has got to change… immediately.

So now begins the purge. I shall shift and shake and twist and turn until I have remolded myself into someone who is tired no more.

Yours sincerely,



2 thoughts on “Tired and in need of change

  1. I really understand this and thank you for writing your piece as it makes me realise that other beautiful souls are going through similar revelations as myself. This year I’ve had so many life changes and up-upheavals that i have put all my energy in to those around me that needed me, that needed someone by their side to hold their hand to tell them that it’s going to be OK when terrible tragic events have happened, to boost others when they lost belief in themselves and to do what i do best.. putting everyone needs before my own. I have spent my last 6 months being the strong one and giving to others that i have been left exhausted emotionally,physically and so tired that it runs deep into my soul. this hit me like a sledgehammer and made me realise that i have lost myself because of not giving to myself. now starts my time for reflection and getting back to nature to be still and honouring myself to find and renew myself to the best version of me. xx


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