Riddle Fisher

Welcome to my new refurbished blog!

I woke up this morning and felt possessed by and urge to shake things up a bit. I have tried blogging before and I thoroughly enjoy writing, although I seldom have the time these days. Nevertheless, I was stuck with inspiration and decided there and then to just ride the wave and see where it took me. Well, as you can plainly see, the wave of inspiration brought me here, to this space with an idea to begin a new style blog.

I knew I needed a name, so I began searching for inspiration all over my house until finally the smallest of my bookcases asked for my attention. There on the shelf I found the Companion book to the “Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle”. Clearly it had been misplaced as it was far away from the Oracle deck itself which was an almost unheard of occurrence. So naturally I took it as a sign and begin carefully turning the pages, part reading part feeling my way to the answer and then there it was on page 44 card number 3, Riddle Fisher.   

The key words associated to card number 3 Riddle Fisher were Divination, Seeking Out and Finding Answers. PERFECT! I thought, this is precisely the theme I would like to channel for my new blog. Firstly, I LOVE Divination (who doesn’t right?!) It is without a doubt one of the most interesting and alluring practices within the Craft. I have loved it since I was little, I have observed with a great deal of reverence, as my peers practice all sorts of Divinatory skills and each and every time I was stuck by wonder and awe. 

And then of course there is the aspect of seeking out and find answers which is basically intrinsic to my everyday life. I’m curious, slightly opinionated and extremely interested in bouncing ideas of like minded people. And I like to share, in fact I thinks its both fair and accurate to say that I am a “Grand Sharer” I share on my You Tube Channel Avalon’s Spiritual Odyssey. I share on multiple Facebook Pages such as Avalon’s Apothecary and The Elemental Witch. I’m SUPER active in my Pagan Community and Co-Run the Pagan Spiral with my beautiful Anam Cara Willow.  Then of course my Etsy shop also named Avalon’s Apothecary, then Instagram, Twitter blah, blah, blah. I mean, I’m out there folks, just sharing, all the time, everyday. This is the way I personally seek out and find answers, Its how I actively interact with others both in person and on social media. It’s how I obtain a decent amount of material to ponder and question, its not the only way but it is one of the main ways. So Riddle Fisher seemed more then just appropriate 🙂 And I felt as though I had been divinely guided to the name
Fey And just like that my Riddle Fisher new blog was born, smack bang in the middle of my 36th week of pregnancy with my 3rd little one I might add. And whilst I’m riding a nasty cold which of course I can do very little about while being 36 weeks pregnant lol. Perhaps the universe it telling me to blog as a way to release. 

So Welcome to Riddle Fisher, I do so hope that you enjoy what I have to say 🙂




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