Know Your Fear



Firstly I would just like to say that this blog post was inspired by a daily draw I did just this week. And since it really got me thinking about both the subject matter and the synchronic nature of this cards timely appearance. I thought I would post this here and elaborate just a tiny bit on what I had originally written.

It’s funny how things work, last night at our private Druid study gathering we discussed this very topic, so I’ll share a little gained knowledge with you all.

Shadow, is for most of us a real thing and we are either constantly at odds with our shadow, suppressing it while it brings fear and limitations into our lives. Or we are the type that actively works with it, trying what we can to integrate it as best possible so that it does not become the beast we often fear it to be.

Shadow work is no easy feat, it can be a complex and time-consuming affair to say the least. Starting this type of spiritual healing work can often be daunting and so we inadvertently postpone a lot of the time.

Know Your Fears is a very real and extremely helpful message/prompt. Why? because some fear is there for very good reason, to keep us and our loved ones safe. Other fears are born of shadow and given life by the fear we feed it. It id precisely this type of fear that we should take a closer look at in an attempt to understand the root and or point of origin.

Now for those of you at this very moment cringing at the thought of facing your shadows through a misguided view that you are weak, broken or less than, Understanding this fundamental truth will assist you. It is important to remember that no one is without a shadow or two. We all have a wound and often it’s through that very wound that we realize our purpose and truly unleash our power.

Oracle Tip : Look to the sagas and through it at the expansive world of deity and the mythological kingdom they now occupy. Their wounds Messanger Oracleare, if you put them side by side rather blatant. Adam’s rib, Achilles heel, Odin’s eye, Inanna’s torture, Persephone’s rape, Jesus’s crucifixion. The list is endless really and the same could be said about Hollywood Finest (and I use the term loosely) and indeed all those revered in our modern ear.

Look at Malala Yousafzai winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, or Stephen Hawking a world-famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author. Lance Armstrong Great Cycling Cheat who was for a long time revered in the competitive world of cycling. Or Brittney Spears and her charmed life which ultimately lead to a very public breakdown. I see this type of thing around me all or the time and it just goes to show that we all have shit to deal with and that no one is without issues.

Now if you take a closer look at this from both an anthropological, historical and also spiritual perspective, then the following seems rather fitting. “The fact is, that most traditional initiation ceremonies involve some sort of wounding , symbolic or actual, and the fact that mythology is full of stories about sacred wounding suggest an acknowledgement of wounding is essential for our maturity and spiritual development.” OBOD Bardic Grade, Gwers fourteen.

I feel personally that the emphasis theses days exist so much in the area of healing, in the tucking away and forgetting and less in the honouring and or integration process. We are often taught to feel fear, pain, or shame at the thought of our wounds that rarely do we remember to honour these chasms in our soul. I think that as we live in a cosmos of duality, learning to honour and make peace with our shadow is essential for us to then get on with our lives.

Much love and many blessings ~ Avalon ☆


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