Fact or Fiction – Vampirism – Energy versus Blood (I encourage you to answer the question at the end)

By Artist Ian Daniels

By Artist Ian Daniels

All of a sudden, there seems to be an enormous amount of attention placed on the term vampire and all of its modern day charm. While I myself find the some of Hollywood’s more alluring portrayals of these romantic blood drinkers to be rather entertaining, I am left wondering.  Where did the myth come from?

There is evidence of blood drinking in almost every ancient and even some modern cultures throughout the world.  UCLA historian Paul Barber in the Journal of Folklore Research states that “vampire stories prove to be an ingenious and elaborate folk-hypothesis that seeks to explain otherwise puzzling phenomena associated with death and decomposition”.

While I believe Mr Barber to be corrects I think it also bares mentioning that the term “blood” in times gone by was actually synonymous with the term “Life Force”, which brings me to my next point, “Energy”.

Have you ever found yourself in the company of a person that you find physically draining? Someone you try and avoid talking to just because of the way they make you feel. This person could be a friend, loved one, boss or co-worker or perhaps some random person you happen upon throughout your day. Either way, these people are unpleasant and downright exhausting to be around. Well, they are being dubbed as modern day vampires or “Psychic Vampires” as is the terminology.

According to an article by Joe H. Slate PhD in the LLEWELLYN JOURNAL, “Psychic vampirism is alive and flourishing in the world today”. Dr Slate goes on to say that “Long before the popularization of folklore vampires as blood-thirsty villains who sucked life-sustaining blood from their prey, psychic vampires as energy-sucking predators were common”.

While I cringe at the term “Psychic Vampire”, I do believe through personal experience that someone is capable of making you feel quite drained.

Have you happened upon one such individual???



7 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction – Vampirism – Energy versus Blood (I encourage you to answer the question at the end)

  1. Yes i have met some psychic vampires, not usually friends, but co-workers and family. I especially abhor the passive-aggressive types who somehow skillfully evoke a response whether i want to or not. And my elder Priestess, who is a psychic reader, gets those customers in who just Have to have a reading every week about the most trivial stuff. I consider those psychic vampires also.
    (BTW there is some stray html code at the beginnings of your last 3 posts.)


    • Its such a difficult situation when the offender is a family member. As for the spiritually needy, well I have a little bit of experience with those who like to use a practitioner’s divination skills as more of a crutch then a tool of guidance and healing which depending on the practitioner can take anywhere between a light and moderate toll on his or her subtle body. Sadly such types never really fully grasp the power and unbelievable potential that is divination.

      Also thanks for the heads up on the random code, not too sure what happened there but it has been fixed 🙂 Blessings


  2. I kind of cringe at the phrase “psychic vampire” as well, mostly because I believe many of us “social butterflies” are somewhat “vampiric”. I get energized when around large groups, be they strangers or friends; I don’t believe I drain them, and I don’t purposefully seek energy, but any interaction is going to technically have the effect of raising some energy simply through movement and thought.

    The same can be said from the few times I attended a Christian church with my friend. They’d sing through half the service, and I could feel extremely large amounts of energy; I couldn’t help but leave feeling energized, even if the service ended with fire and brimstone.

    I do, however, feel there are people on the far end of things that cross into “psychic vampire” territory. They either get very good at purposefully taking in energy from others, or (more often) subconsciously suck the life out of those they’re in contact with.


    • I think that being empowered by the positive energy that surround certain people and places is a positive process devoid of malice. And if your particularly sensitive to those “good vibrations” it make you more inclined to actively seek out positive experiences.

      Blessings and how did you go with your You Tube project?


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