The Incessant Promotion of Dabbling

I recently came across a social media site that was aimed specifically at those who were new to paganism and looking for guidance. It was full to the brim of spells and fantasy art with cute little saying etc. Now I’m not in the business of naming and shaming so I shall not give out the name or link to this particular site. What I will do is express my very strong opinion regarding this site and many others like it.

Practicing occult arts such as spell work with no concept of what occult means, with no concept of its fundamental principles is to me dabbling. And without an understanding of the aforementioned it is very easy to cross sacred boundaries if you don’t know they even exist. The people who openly promote the hell out of spells and ritual for the ego driven sake of appearing more popular in the world of social media should really take a long hard look at exactly what they are promoting and who their demographic is.  And if spell craft is something they wish to keep promoting then a simple disclaimer or informative warnings would not go astray.

This addiction to Spell Craft in particular is, in my very humble opinion detrimental to the student and is the equivalent of jumping in the deep end pool with no understanding of how to swim. What happened to learning the basics? Learning the foundations of any practice within and without the pagan sphere is to me what responsible education is all about.

When I was but a little girl I remember very clearly some of my very first lessons in occult practices passed to both myself and my sisters. These were heavily based on energy work, where it comes from, how it works and what can be accomplished by understanding the general flow of energy. After this came lessons in Earth Power, leaning to respect, and work with nature, not against it, understanding to be patient and aware that life like nature can be unpredictable.

These offcourse were the teaching methods I was exposed to and I am in no way saying that that is how it should be for all. Within each tradition or personal practice comes its own doctrines or set moral guidelines and weather formal or informal they are there for a reason, to help guide the student, to support them and to keep them both keenly motivated and patient.

What seems to be lacking to me is that very important lesson in patients. To articulate to the point of absolute clarity why it is so important not to want to fast forward to the end for immediate self-gratification. Why skipping over the finer points of what is fundamental in both spirituality and paganism is to do a great disservice to oneself.

Another point I’d like to bring up is that most who today turn to the craft to fulfill their spiritual needs have suffered years of spiritual repression within the boundaries of mainstream religions. For those exposed to the type of upbringing where most things seen through a child’s eyes were put down to an overactive imagination and ultimately ignored. Then need to teach these particular individuals to learn to trust there intuition is to me one of the first things that should be promoted, forget the spells and fantasy art, such things to me come much later.

Rant over, thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “The Incessant Promotion of Dabbling

  1. Fascinating “rant” but one that struck a chord. There are indeed quite a few of these sights and as a middle aged woman seeking guidance, I find some to be silly and childish. Unfortunately, as someone so new to the path of the craft, seeking brings you to crossroads. It is with a true mentor we can sometimes be spun around in a better direction.

    Keep up the rants!


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