What is a Witches Magick,

Magick as conjured by a Witch is many a thing for many a person but,  what it is for me is an act Imageof creation, the embodiment of concentrated energy, of will enforced to a divine scope with a power and passion capable of reaching both moon space and underworld.  It is an echo of an unalloyed heart reaching into the ether for change. It is an enduring, resounding force gnarled with secrets of subtle yet effective transformation. It cannot be touched yet it can be felt, its effects streaming into life reincarnated. It is myth and science irrevocably linked to create the perception of reality drawn from the non-conscious and intuitive echelons of the mind. To some such things is hocus-pocus or reside firmly in the realm of superstition. However it is important to remember that such rigid mind sets and narrow opinions are shared only amongst the uneducated. For those who believe in a witch’s magick share head space with some of the greatest minds in ancient and modern history. Minds such Pythagoras, De Vinci, Jung, Newton, Rene, Einstein and many more.

Like I said, Magick as conjured by a Witch is many a thing.


Image Source:http://giantism.tumblr.com/post/20635911850


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