For those who are new to the craft

When your new to the craft there are many things that may serve to perplex the novice mind and how could it not, the vast quantity of information available to beginners flows not like a soft bubbling brook but a torrent capable of wearing away  the mightiest of stones.  It takes time to learn not to tolerate the incessant opinions of an otherwise biased public but until you reach that point what do you do.Image

There are so many well-meaning pagans out there who will freely offer their advice and in some cases, on a “whether you want it or not” basis lol. Having said that, I have found that age plays a big factor in how pushy people are when it comes to “imparting their knowledge” upon you, particularly if you are young. Please remember that if this occurs, it is not always out of a desire to dominate but more a predisposition to nurture. After all the desire to nurture in general is a trait inherent in most if not all witches.

Regardless of whether you find a mentor/guide or you choose to peruse your spiritual development through literary avenues. There are a few truths that one should take into consideration.

The first of these aforementioned truths comes from well-known pagan author Ly de Angeles  “Whatever you learn is automatically projected into your personal and environmental energy field, and that, in itself denotes changes not only to your own basic lifestyle, but to the lives of those with who you associate with” (Witchcraft – Theory and Practice).

The second truth is, nature is your ultimate guide, when things feel uncertain and you long for direction just remember that witchcraft is an earth based spiritual path and as such the earth herself has much to teach you so please take the time out to connect with the earth on not just a spiritual level but on a practical one as well.

And the third truth is pretty damn straight forward…. Animals will be drawn to you and at times in the most annoying of ways. For those who do not possess a natural affinity with mother earths many creatures this can be a pain in the arse. My advice, deal with it and use this potential avenue to

Other than that there is so much wonder to be found in Witchcraft, for some along with that wonder come’s comfort, reminiscent of that feeling you get when you return home after a long time away. Its familiarity triggered by any number of experiences and when you finally open your heart and mind to it, you realise that it has always been there, with you, guiding you and inspiring you, because your path is born of your soul and your soul is every lasting. So, it stands to reason that once a witch always a witch, trust in that and you’ll be alright



One thought on “For those who are new to the craft

  1. THank you for the amazing advice and insight, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and not really knowing where to start.. What path to take.. What books to read.. How would it be best for me to learn about paganism. Your article has helped to take a step back and focus on what I need. XXXX Wendy


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