Witchcraft and Energy Work

It is highly recommended that you learn to sense the energy within your environment for a Image

multitude of reasons. This talent is of particular value when you are cleaning/clearing your home and other personal spaces and when you are looking for and or moving into a new home.

 Sensing the energy of your environment is much a tactile art as it is a spiritual one. And while there are some extremely talented individuals out there with the ability to sense energy by just being in or near a room. This is not the case for most.

 How sensing works

 Most are aware of the 7 main Chakra points within our body however not all are aware that we have many many more smaller Chakra points throughout the rest of our bodies.

 The smaller Charkra points in your hands are what we work directly with when energy sensing also utilised is the 6th Charkra also know as the 3rd Eye.

To begin:

 Ground center, feel yourself in the moment, now begin rubbing your hands together, this stimulates the opening of the smaller chakra points in your hands. Once you feel your hands are energised, begin running your hands above a surface such as a bench top, cupboard, wall etc.

 Note any sensations you experience, do not second guess yourself. You may receive flickers of images in your minds eye, note these to. Write is all down.

 Once you have a clear understanding of the energy around you, you are now capable of devising a plan to rectify any imbalances you have sensed within your environment.

 Energy is sensing is a practical part of healing work in Witchcraft, it is a diagnostic tool which when mastered, can be a particularly valuable talent t possess.

Important Note: Energy sensing is NOT a new age, hippy dippy practice. EVERYTHING on this planet has an energy field, it is a  fact proven time and time again by Science. For more information on scientific theories pertaining to energy, look into basic physics and Quantum Mechanics. Or have a read of my Note on Basic Energy principals.


Image Source: http://lotus-star.com/tag/chakra-balancing-2/



2 thoughts on “Witchcraft and Energy Work

  1. Interesting note, some people smell/taste/hear energy instead of seeing it. I actually have issues with seeing energy, but I can feel it (emotionally) as well as hear it sometimes. It was frustrating when I was newer to energywork, as most books only mention seeing the energy in the visual way.


  2. I agree Larissa, when discussing the subject of energy work in general, books seem rather lacking or very generalised. There are so many techniques one can use yet “sight” seems to out mention all.



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