The Empirical Rules Of Magick 06 Symbols And ChakraMagick is bursting with a rich cornucopia of fascinating symbolism; this is how our subconscious mind works, on a deeply intuitive level.  The ability to engage with your intuitive side is how one interprets the various symbols our subconscious minds project; is an essential component of effective Spell Craft and successful divination. However, the successful recognition of these symbols is entirely up to you as an individual, it cannot be learnt through reading a book or trolling the internet.  The reason I say this is that a butterfly to one person can signify a beautiful omen due to their personal experience and interaction with it. But to another a butterfly can signify something else entirely.

Work towards understanding your symbols, observe how they make you feel and write it all down. It will help to understand yourself a little better and will prove quite handy when performing divination rituals, talisman work, dream interpretation, and general spell craft to name but a few.

Note: This is not something you should rush or force, let it come to you naturally and make sure you are open to receiving.


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2 thoughts on “Symbolism

  1. Learning what symbols mean to you is one of the easiest things to adjust to. For example, the appearance of cat imagery (or real cats everywhere I go) means I’ve been ignoring the spirit world too much, while lots of butterflies mean that happy changes are coming. But if I dream about a dog, generally it’s a bad omen (not wolves or coyotes, but domestic pet dogs). It’s all personal symbolism.


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