Ones to Avoid

It is my sincerest opinion that when a person who goes by the title of witch, openly divulges what he or she a capable of, then that person should be avoided at all costs as they’re intention whether innocent or not is to gain power of you with the pretense of knowledge they can’t quite yet grasp. These people may have the vocabulary, they may well talk the talk, but there is much more to Witchcraft then regurgitating a book or donning black attire and adorning oneself in jewellery. It is not about sprouting titles or declaring years of experience in an attempt to belittle or intimidate others, particularly those new to the craft. In truth, the wisest of Witches are the most unassuming; they naturally attract a quiet respect completely devoid of ego.  It is such people whose company one should covert because they will teach you infinitely more than can be found in even the most informative of books.

This of course is just a personal thought, I mean no disrespect.



3 thoughts on “Ones to Avoid

  1. You do realize that, while you have a valid point on the showy “witches” out there, your blog (and, by extension of understanding, you yourself) is called “The Elemental Witch”. You have a bio visible at the end of each post that boasts your family practice as well. While I actually enjoy reading your blogs now and then, I have to say that you don’t seem to practice the “unassuming” vision of witches that you preach.


    • Thanks so much for your response, I found your opinion very well-articulated and while I see where you are coming from i.e. title etc. I’m not really sure how your criticism applies to me in this instance. This is a blog, my blog more specifically and anything herein pertains to me, my life and the experiences that I have personally accumulated. Furthermore, the topic of my blog is Witchcraft which makes my family history an integral part of my writing and therefore does bares mentioning not because I’m boasting or trying to big note myself but because it an enormous part of my life story which is why I chose to put the fact that I’m a hereditary witch in the “About Me” section of my profile. I also think there is a huge difference between sharing relevant details about ones self and boasting. At the end of the day, I’m airing my personal business here on this blog, so getting to know me and my story enables people to better understand my point of view.
      Moreover I believe that the term “unassuming” cannot possibly be used to describe any person, witch or otherwise, who is willing to express his or her opinions and point of view on any social media outlet.

      I guess at the end of the day my personal view on “Ones to Avoid” are open to many types of interpretation. If one feels the need to perceive my writing negatively then that is entirely their right. But my views on the matter did not come from a negative place, it came from a concerned place because as a mother I am tiered of seeing “Showy Witches” lord themselves over impressionable minds.

      Blessings Larissa Lee and thank you for the opportunity to explain myself.


      • I see what you mean. I totally agree that Playgans (people who dress up and play at being pagan) are annoying and silly. However, so many people call themselves witch that *aren’t* playing around… it just seemed like you were very general about who was being showy (a small group of goofs vs all “I’m a witch” people). Having said that, I also agree that you have a very detailed and relevant history with witchcraft and paganism in your family; I only used your About Me section to demonstrate the fact you generalized. Looking forward to more posts!


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