My Witchy Gripe

I’m going to kick off strong here because this is a matter that is close to my heart. The conception of such labels as black magick and white magick has been around forever and while I have heard it consistently among non-pagans, it is only of late that I see it crop up among the pagan community and I for one would really like to know why?  Magick is, neither black nor white, it simply is. It is a reflection of what lies in the heart of the Witch, it is unbiased, it is driven by will and fuelled by intent. Now I’m not sure what people are reading these days but it obviously isn’t productive. In fact I’d go as far as to say that the root cause of some of this ridiculous trend in colour classification is a bleeding across of latent mainstream religious tendencies. Am I wrong?

If we are in fact practitioners of an “earth based” system of spiritual belief then why the sudden formation of such a dichotomy? Nature, is undeniably multifaceted just like humanity, both a wonderfully rich in colour both vary in depth, neither is just good or bad, so why the sudden label especially one that carries with it such heavy judgment?


3 thoughts on “My Witchy Gripe

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