Elemental Witch Craft – Metaphysical Maintenance & Hygiene

When you embrace the Craft as your chosen spiritual path you assume more responsibility then you may at first think. Aside from moral obligation, knowledge collection and dealing with other people opinions on the matter, there is yet another responsibility/obligation that more than often goes unattended. This brings me to the topic of Metaphysical Hygiene or put more plainly, how to keep you spiritual house in order.

Aspects that require regular attention:

  • Grounding and centering- Ideally this should be done after magickal workings of any kind. Why? Because if you don’t you may feel flighty or lightheaded, you may find it difficult to concentrate and you may become quite clumsy.

The Quick Fix = Sit still (centering) and eat something (grounding); nothing fatty or too heavy as it may make you feel sick.

Long Term Fix = Regular meditation and adequate nutrition

  • Cutting ties – This is a particularly important ones for those who practice the healing arts. If a witch does not correctly cut ties with his or her “patient” He or She will carry that person’s energy with them until they do. This will make them feel tired, heavy, sick or extremely uncomfortable.

Quick Fix = Smudge yourself or rub down with a muslin pouch filled with salt, garlic, five finger grass and lime.

  • Protection – As a Witch you simple must have some sort of protection with you at all times. Why? Because contrary to popular belief not everyone is lovely and for some unfair reasons for centuries Witches have been judged, persecuted, attacked, accused, taken advantage of. It’s very sad but very true. Long time practitioners of the craft no just what I mean. There is also the matter of everyday negativity which we may encounter in the many public places we attend i.e. Supermarkets, Post Office etc.

Quick Fix = Crossing (as in making a sign in the air) or spoken charm.

Long Term Fix = Fashion/ acquire an amulet or talisman.

  • Psychic Hygiene – Aura Cleansing and Chakra Clearing. Why? Because if we don’t we will begin to experience a high range of problems and physical illness. Our lives become disorderly and unbalanced.

Quick Fix = Crystal Healing- Tourmaline or Kyanite

Long Term Fix = Energy healing such as Reiki, Parama Body Talk, Kinesiology etc.

  • Attunement – Connecting to the Divine energy that permeates through every living thing. Why? Because if we don’t we are incapable of functioning on a magickal level, that means no casting, no healing work, no divination etc.

Long term fix = conscious awareness – This is done by adhering to all of the above mentioned obligations.

When we choose to live completely spiritually aware our lives and our practice become infinitely easier and in turn happier.


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