The Elemental Seasons


As the wheel turns yet again we welcome in the season of autumn and in doing so the influence of Earth. Energies change at this turning and although they peak at the time of the autumn equinox, the influence of Earth beings to make its presence felt today, on March First.

Being under the guise of Earth is truly a magickal experience, perhaps because Earth is the most tangible of elements. Its tactile nature and constant awe inspiring presence around us truly makes for wondrous experiences. Earth is our home and therefor reflects the home, not just its physicality but its ability to nurture, stabilise and evoke a feeling of noble dependability. Earth is also the realm of abundance, prosperity and wealth, keep this in mind when organising rituals, it is also a fortuitous time to work any kind of earth magick for such things as fertility, employment, business and prosperity in all its forms.

Earth signs may find that their energy is on the rise starting today, particularly female earth signs because the element of earth belongs to the realm of the feminine divine.

Enjoy this time as the suns grows weaker, the days shorter and the weather cooler. Observe the magnificent autumn colours that appear around you. Connecting to this season will bring you happy pleasures.



Artwork by Matthew Gibson, UK


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