Principals of Sell Craft – Acting in Accordance

Principals of Sell Craft – Acting in Accordance

There are a great many aspects to successful spell craft; a solid understanding of numbers, colours, herb lore, the mineral kingdom, astrological occurrences, etc.… but most importantly of all, you’re “Root Power”. Your Root Power is the sacred thread that sews all those aforementioned aspects of spell craft together and it is what propels your spell out into the universe to do your bidding. Without it, you simply needn’t bother, without it; all your other efforts are futile.

 Now, “Acting in Accordance” is an important aspect of your “Root Power” and relates to what happens after you have worked a spell. For instance, if you cast a spell and then actively sit and wait whilst thinking “When will it happen” or ”Why hasn’t my spell come to fruition yet” , then you my friend have just doubted your “Root Power” and sadly dis-empowered your spell. In this instance you HAVE NOT “Acted in Accordance”.

Understand this, when you “cast” a spell, you are releasing a tiny yet powerful piece of your “will” into the universe to do as you have asked. Once you doubt your work, you doubt your will; shaking it until it derails off its course and leaving it to wonder aimlessly about the universe while still open to karmic retribution.  

So please, “Act in Accordance!” This does not mean have trust or faith in your work; it means know it! It means have certainty. Spend time on your craft, get everything right, leave no room for doubt, then cast with certainly and know that it will work.



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