My Witch Gripe

I have on once again come across a term that in so many ways displeases me not because of what it means but because of how it is used these days. The term I am referring to is “Intuitive”. Intuition itself is a magickal ever present and alluring sensation of profound knowing that stems from the divine. Those who have a firm grasp on their intuitive abilities make great diviners and healers and formidable practitioners of the craft.

However intuition is not a label, it’s not a product or style. Intuition simply is. It is our true familiar a companion that stays with us through each and every moment, throughout time and across lives. Some call it a spirit guide or animal totem and others like myself call it a “Knowing” or “Witch Sense”

This brings me to my gripe. I have very recently come across a whole lot of folks out there that class themselves as intuitive healers. Yep, right on their business cards. And I don’t like it, which may sound harsh and judgmental so please let me explain.

 I strongly believe that all people deserve the respect of clear concise communication because it helps to foster a feeling of confidence and trust. This is especially important to those practicing healing and divination work because, most who seek out these services are in a vulnerable state. Which is why there are such terms/labels as: Reiki, Kinesiology, Divination, Crystal healing etc These labels are definitions that accurately describe what a practitioner can do and if they don’t know what the definition means then they can type it into Google or look it up in a book and find the answer in seconds.

The same cannot be done with the word “Intuitive” and that is because each person’s interpretation of the words differs greatly depending on his and hers practical or spiritual perspectives. To use it as a definition in my opinion cheapens its true meaning thus giving it a limit and confining it to a dogma.

People use intuition every day, mothers caring for their children, doctor deciding on the right course of treatment for a patient, a fireman deciding the best way to tackle a fire or it may be a witch trying to decide on substitute ingredients for ritual.

So if we all use it then why bother stating it, why turn it into yet another thing with a tangible dimension? Why put it on a business card? Is this a new age thing?

I am perplexed!

In addition, this is my very personal opinion on the matter, I mean no disrespect.



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